It often suprises people to know that 30-40% of people who book consultations at hair transplant clinics are women.

When men lose their hair, it's not a welcome situation however it is often expected particularly if they had brothers, uncles or a father who has lost their hair.

It causes most men to feel unattractive and can have devastating effects on their self confidence. When a woman loses her hair it is all those things multiplied several fold. There are many reasons for female hair loss including but not limited to pregnancy, stress, ageing, hormonal changes and hereditary pattern hair loss, the equivalent of male pattern baldness in men.

Hair transplant procedures for women work very similar to the way they work for me. The surgeon will cut a think strip of skin from the back of the woman's head. One team will begin to individually pick out viable hair follices from the strip harvested whilst another will begin to repair the wound from which the hair samples came from.

The hair follicles are then inserted into small holes (3.5mm) that the surgeon makes on the thinning area of the scalp. It is worth noting at this point that in the same way that men's male pattern baldness is very unique to each individual man (though there are many common examples) it is the same for women therefore ensuring a truly random scattering of holes to make the graft look realistic is a real skill honed from several hours of surgeries performed by doctors.

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