Let’s face it going bald is one of the biggest fears young men face because as silly as it may seem in the grand scheme of things not having hair on the top of your life can severely affect your quality of life, whether it’s having friends who constantly make fun of it, or the perceived reaction men would expect from women while dating or insecurities when going for job interviews especially if you work in the entertainment industry or other jobs which require you to be image conscious.

For some men, hair transplant costs are one of the biggest problems when choosing whether to have the procedure. While present day techniques have made it an exceptionally compelling answer for balding men and women, the cost of hair transplant surgery is still not inconsequential especially if you are using a known and trusted clinic in a city such as birmingham or london.

Fortunately the cost for hair transplants has diminished significantly over the last few years as more clinics have opened offering the surgery including increased competition from hair transplant clinics in turkey has driven hair transplantation costs down for men in Europe as a whole. Hair transplants are a $1 Billion (yes with a B) dollar a year business in Turkey with over 350 clinics and over 5,000 customers a month descending on the country to get a hair transplant every month, that’s 60,000 hair transplants being done a year, as you can imagine costs are certainly being cut and the result is often a lower quality service, but that’s a story for another day.

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Wayne Rooney Before and After a Hair Transplant

The average hair transplant price is still fairly high depending on the extent of your baldness or where you choose to have your surgery. An average hair transplant in the UK will set you back anywhere from £2,500 – £15,000 depending on how many grafts you have transferred, which surgeon you choose to use, and the difficulty of the surgery ie if you have Afro-Caribbean which tends to be curly then the time it takes to perform the surgery can be significantly longer than if you have Caucasian hair which tends to be straighter which will affect the cost of the surgery as it requires more staff hours.

What Affects the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

The greatest component influencing your hair transplantation cost will be the degree of your male pattern baldness. Plainly, the more noteworthy the territory requiring treatment, the higher cost that your hair transplant will be. Costs for hair transplants are by and large dependent on the number of grafts you have transferred, with a normal cost around £2 to £5 per graft. Most hair transplants go under the accompanying scale:

Norwood 2

For patients who are currently at Norwood 2 which is commonly called early subsiding hairline requires roughly 500 – 1500 grafts. The cost of a hair transplant for a patient like this will be anywhere from £1,500 to £4,000 depending on where you choose to have your surgery with the lower end being the cost of surgeries in eastern European countries such as turkey and the higher end being Hair Transplant clinics in Birmingham and London which are seen as the premier cosmetic surgery specialist in Europe.

Norwood 3

Norwood 3 is commonly called a receding / retreating hairline which typically required anywhere from 1200 – 2,500 grafts depending on the severity of your baldness. The total cost for hair transplants will go from £2,000 to £5,500 depending on where you choose to have surgery from eastern European clinics to Harley street clinics.

Norwood 4

Norwood 4 is displayed in the picture above as you can see at this stage hair is thin at the fronts of the head with very little or no hair including thinning at the crown – 2,5000 – 4,000 grafts. You can expect to pay roughly £4,000 and £9,500 for a hair transplant if your hair is at this stage depending on where you choose to do your hair transplant.

Norwood 5 & Norwood 6

There are also more severe examples of baldness which can be characterised as Norwood 5 and even Norwood 6 which is when you are considered completely bald with very little or no hair everywhere apart from the sides. These typically require over 4,000 grafts and the price can be anywhere from £7,500 upwards to as much as £15,000+ depending on the severity of your balding and how thick you want your hair to be, and also where you choose to do your surgery.

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Jude Law after his Hair Transplant



Get a quote for a hair transplant

It can be hard to get an accurate quote through just pictures, and hair grafts counts, we recommend all our potential patients to give us a call on the number above to book a no obligation initial consultation to get an accurate quote and to discuss your options.

The reason why we can’t give you a quote based on pictures and graft count alone is because it is not the only deciding factor when pricing your hair transplant for example depending on how curly your hair is it may take more time to perform the procedure when compared to straight hair; we also cannot get a good source of scale and how much space needs to covered and the number of grafts you think you require may be higher or lower than what is needed to restore your hair.


Cost of FUE Hair Transplants

The cost of hair transplants by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) mirrors the fact that this is the most developed and effective hair transplant strategy. It likewise demonstrates the aptitude and work required from your specialist in sourcing every individual follicular unit. A normal session of FUE will cost anywhere £2,500 and £7,000 and you may require more than one session. The cost of hair transplants by FUE likewise relies upon the healthiness of the hair follicles, with body hair units costing more to transplant than head hair. The cost for hair transplantation by FUE is normally charged per follicle, with the cost diminishing for bigger numbers. For instance, you may pay up to £5 per follicle for the initial 2,000, yet just a portion of that for anything past 2,000, which will cut the normal cost down.

FUE vs FUT in Cost for Hair Transplants

A big aspect of the cost of the hair transplant is also what type of hair transplant you choose to have. There are different types and they both have their ups and downs dependent on what you are looking for.

Cost of FUT Hair Transplants

The strip collecting strategy requires less time and aptitude from your specialist, and this is reflected in a lower price. In any case, since it is hard to anticipate the quantity of follicles that will be acquired from each strip, facilities tend to work out the cost for hair transplants utilizing this technique by the time of the session, as opposed to by the follicle.

This is now seen as a fairly old fashioned way of performing the surgery and most patients prefer to use the FUE method due to it’s effectiveness.

The dangers of low cost, offshore hair transplants

they should have this on the website of every turkey’s hair restoration clinics


It is well worth looking to discover how much a hair transplant will cost, as costs change massively from clinic to clinic and there is a lot of competition with price and the surgeons experience being the biggest deciding factors for clients. In any case, it is worth saying that you get what you pay for, so a cheap hair transplant may wind up costing you more in the long run due to having to go to another surgeon to do it again a few years later.

You can discover less expensive hair transplants abroad, with one with lower prices even when including the flights and accommodation be that as it may, you won’t have the capacity to return as effortlessly for extra follow-up treatment should this be required, and abroad centers may not have an indistinguishable elevated expectations from UK facilities with after care often not being included with many patients for cosmetic surgeries coming back to the UK in the same day.

There have been several cases of botched operations

Lower Cost Alternatives to Hair Transplants

Regaine®, otherwise called minoxidil, is one of only a handful few demonstrated medications to avert male pattern baldness and advance development, and costs around £45 for a three-month supply. It will stop working when you stop using it and its effect can decay after some time however it could be a transitory arrangement whilst saving for a hair transplant. It is also worth mentioning that once you do have a hair transplant it is good practice to continue using regaine to maintain and upkeep your hair transplant.

Another option is to use Propecia or it’s pharmacological name finasteride which is clinically proven to prevent DHT (Dihydro-testosterone) which is the cause of male pattern baldness. It is also a pharmaceutical drug that you are recommend to use after having the surgery.