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Men today care more about their looks than ever before, with magazines like GQ and Mens Journal scrutinizing men’s appearance almost to the same level as women have been scrutinized for their appearance for decades.

Attention is paid to a man’s muscle mass, hair, bank balance, car, etc the last thing you want to be is bald to early.

We wanted to explore some reasons why a man may choose to get a hair transplant.

To Be More Competitive at Work

Studies show that attractive men and women advance easier at work, this doesn’t just apply to the entertainment field where actors who are bald would rarely be seen as the leading man with few exceptions (The Rock, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham) but it also applies to general everyday jobs too. Employers want to hire and keep employed those who appear to be younger, energetic as these are often the employees who can dedicate more to the company.

To Look More Attractive to their significant other

Women have been trying to keep their men’s wondering eyes away for years, but now more and more men are putting in that extra effort to get rid of the beer belly, throw on a clean t-shirt or maybe spruce up their dress sense. A full head of hair can go a long way to making a man look younger, and more attractive.

To get Those Tinder Swipes

When you’re in a frantic swiping vibe you’re gonna swipe right for the most attractive guys and swipe left to the ones which are not so much, with so much choice right now a girl can swipe left on you for the simplest of reasons (do people even look at the profile?).

Having a full head of hair can go a long way to improve your chance at finding true love on tinder, if that is a thing?

To Stand out on your 20 year reunion

If you’re attending a 20, 30 or 40 high school reunion this is the time to make up for getting stuffed in the locker, swirlied (do kids still do that?) and to turn heads on all the ladies who turned you down or if you were the big man on campus to prove you’re still the man and having a full head of hair will go a long way to make that happen.

You’re Tired of Wearing Hats

If you’re tired of constantly having to reach for a fedora, a snapback, a baseball hat, durag, or whatever else you’re using to cover your baldness today getting some hair on your head will resolve all of that for you.

Self Esteem

Losing your hair is often not the biggest deal for those around you, your children will still love you, your wife will still love you but the biggest issue is often with a man’s self esteem.

You still want to feel like you could get romance another woman (even if you’re happily married) you still want to have that option, and losing your hair can seriously impact that.

Sometimes getting a hair transplant is just about you feeling better about yourself and not for any of the previously mentioned reasons.