What is a Hair Transplant

In-depth information on Hair Transplants, the pros and the cons.

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FUE vs FUT: An Overview

We go over some of the details of the of FUE and FUT Hair Transplants and what the advantages and disadvantages are of both.

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Reasons To Get a Hair Transplant

We look at the 6 most common reasons men get hair transplants

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Hair Transplant Cost

How much does a hair transplant cost, what are he differences in pricing from FUE and FUT and much more.

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Hair Transplants for Women

We look at some of the common causes of female hair loss.

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Our Message

Welcome to My Hair Transplant where we specialise in advanced hair transplant surgery and dermatology treatments.

We understand the increased loss of self-confidence and self-esteem that can happen from discovering hair thinning which explains why we are focused on providing the safest, innovative and impressive hair restoration techniques.

At our hair loss treatment medical clinic in Birmingham, patients can enjoy high tech hair transplant solutions, conducted by our very skilled medical expert which provide regular natural looking, long lasting and resilient results.

Why is our Birmingham hair loss clinic different?

We have committed to pioneering equipment and use the innovative and progressive techniques, such as FUT and FUE to accomplish natural looking results for our patients.

Using advanced scalp tissues preservation techniques and supplying a long-term guarantee models seperates our hair thinning treatment programs from the others.

We also take great pride in our aftercare program which is where we can differentiate from other clinics, once you have done your hair transplant it can take some time before hair begins to grow again and it can be a frustrating time. We are going to be here for you every step of the way answering all your questions and helping you monitor your hair growth.

Our aim is to provide state of the art treatments & hair transplants in Birmingham . In respect of hair loss restoration, we provide one of the best and technically most advanced hair restorations in the world , HOW? 


  • Using a modified strip surgery method, leaving the patient with a very thin almost invisible scar for FUT hair transplants.


  • If by FUE, by using the most advanced motorised extractor, using extremely refined FUE techniques, leaving invisible scars and obtaining excellent quality grafts and implanting of those grafts.


  • Employing carefully selected technicians, the best in the country to do your hair transplant surgery, we don’t cut corners when it comes to healthcare professionals.


  • Using specially designed graft preserving solutions which keeps graft alive longer once extracted.


  • Our Surgerons unparalleled ability and expertise in creating natural looking hair restoration procedures.


  • Accurate estimates, which you can actually count on as opposed to additional costs at every turn.


  • Every patient is consulted, evaluated and operated by trained and experienced surgeon, unlike other clinics.

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